With the implementation of the executive management team, Expresso places our stakeholders at the heart of our governance values and principles. These principles impact all levels of the company, mobilising our people towards an integrated governance approach.

"Expresso places our stakeholders at the heart of our governance values and principles"

The values and principles directing our actions are expressed in our internal controls and code of conduct. We have created and established select committees, with specific roles and responsibilities, focusing on key areas of our business.

Internal Controls

The executive management team have established a framework to control our business and financial affairs, ensuring we are able to deliver on our profitability targets. The team is also committed to managing risk: making sure we avoid or reduce risks which can cause loss or reputational damage, ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and increase our resilience to external factors and events.

Expresso's business performance is reviewed by our executive management team periodically. Performance trends and forecasts, as well as actual performance against budgets and prior periods, are monitored and analysed closely.

Operational policies, processes and controls have been established to safeguard our assets and to facilitate complete, accurate and timely processing of transactions. We also conduct audits of our assets, policies, legal compliance on a regular basis to ensure that our internal control system is effective.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct ensures that we do business in a lawful, ethical and transparent manner. This is in line with our five core values – responsive, transparent, inclusive, evolving and connecting. We expect our people to live the values and demonstrate high standards of integrity and fair dealing towards our customers, government and regulatory bodies, the communities in which we operate, and just as importantly, with one another.