This team will provide the leadership and direction to ensure long-term success and prosperity.

The executive management team is entrusted and empowered to deliver and execute the strategic vision;ultimately accountable and responsible for implementing the Group’s business plans.

The team will also be responsible for reviewing our commercial operations on a regular basis, as well as seeking new growth opportunities.

Chairman’s Statement

" We are anticipating a promising outlook for our group, with the planned development and the transformational initiatives in our portfolio, we believe Expresso is well equipped to play a major role in the emergence of Africa in the agile world of telecommunications"

Chairman – Tarig Zain El Abdein

CEO’s Statement

"We have a relentless desire to improve and enrich the lives of our customers in our African markets. We know that access to mobile telecommunications products and services has the potential to change people’s lives and advance economic development.

To successfully compete and explore business opportunities in Africa, our starting point is always the customer. That’s why you will hear us talk about Expresso as an African brand,built in Africa for the people of Africa."

CEO – Tarig Rahamtalla