At Expresso we are different. By listening and working with our customers we are bringing a new generation of ICT provider that deliver a unique experience. We are not like the old boys, as a new company we are developing new ways of working and we do things differently.

What is Innovation?

We believe innovation is about empowering people, doing things differently and allowing people to challenge the status quo. We develop the right services with our customers for their everyday needs. Innovation is about bringing value to our customer’s life through our people.

Customer Focused

We know all customers are different and that is why we are working with rural communities to bring telephony to remote parts of Africa, and at the same time we are introducing new services like mobile financial services to help other customers undertake basic financial transactions. In the business market we are developing high-end Corporate Solutions for internet connectivity while still focusing on the small traders.

By leveraging our network and deep local knowledge in the markets in which we operate, we will create unique products and services for our customers.

Innovative people

We recognise that our people are the key to bringing this customer focused innovation. That is why, right from the start, we are selecting the best talent and ensuring that they remain customer focused. We don't just develop products and services because we can; we develop them because they add value to people's lives.

Together we can, together we grow.