Chinguitel Mauritania

We are proud to proclaim that Chinguitel was Expresso’s first ‘green field’ operation; acquiring a license to operate as a telecom operator in 2006.

Chinguitel established a CDMA network, providing full coverage across the country by August 2007. Chinguitel officially launched at the same time, the third operator in Mauritania.

Chinguitel was also the first operator to establish a WiMAX network with full coverage across the business area in the capital, providing data connectivity solutions for our corporate customers.

Chinguitel has gained an excellent reputation for reliability and innovation, and we are determined to sustain this reputation as we continue to grow our business in Mauritania.

Our commitment to the Mauritanian market and its people illustrated by our continued investment, consistently upgrading our network and expanding our coverage.

In May 2011, Chinguitel launched its new customer proposition with GSM/3G+.

These are truly exciting times for Chinguitel and our customers. We hope to continue our strong relationships with the people of Mauritania, fulfilling their expectations and meeting their needs. We aim to attract more customers, ensuring a strong and sustainable presence in the Mauritanian market.

Our Chinguitel brand promise is “more than you can imagine”.


Capital -   Nouakchott
Population -   3.7 million
Ownership -   95%
Year of launch -   2007
Brand name -   Chinguitel
CEO -   Saifeldin Osman
Technology -   2G / 3G
Fiber Optics