Our digital world

"Our aim is to be a leader in digital communication and technology."

Expresso currently has a commercial presence in three African countries, with over 500 employees providing a range of mobile voice and data services to individuals and businesses.

To achieve this, our mission is to develop industry leading products and services for all our communities and customers.As a leader in innovation we will extend our reach within Africa by ensuring we deploy the best products and services for our customers, which also serve and protect our planet.

Key facts of our approach are:

  • Leaders in innovation
  • Supporting and developing our communities
  • Environment friendly solutions

Meeting the needs of all our stakeholders, and most importantly our customers, requires us to build a business on world-class platforms and infrastructure.


Expresso operates high-speed networks over 3G. We are building and extending networks across all our markets as we know that demand for internet and data access will increase. In addition to meet customer’s growing demand & give them a truly mobile broadband experience.

Expresso is a leader in adopting a variety of technologies to meet the needs of our customers.

A key network strategy is the growing opportunity to share assets. We are developing an infrastructure-sharing model to increase our footprint across Africa. This is better for the environment and our customers.


Expresso Telecom is bringing broadband services to Africa.Our connection software immediately connects you to the fastest data speed available.

World-class IT infrastructure

Expresso is developing state of the art infrastructure to meet the growth challenge.Our systems are developed with the customer in mind, providing high levels of availability, reliability and security.This will give our customers peace of mind knowing they can do business with Expresso and trust us to deliver the best products and services.

Our model is one of partnerships and where we can, we have been outsourcing where relevant and possible.This allows us to gain efficiencies that can be passed to our customers.