We believe that our responsibility as a leading business is more than just excellent financial performance. It’s a commitment to our broader society to ensure that we make a real and positive contribution in the communities in which we live and work.

At Expresso, our people realise that we operate in some of the most difficult and challenging markets in the world. It is our duty and responsibility to ensure we have an understanding of the markets in which we operate, as well as the challenges the people and communities face in these markets.

This appreciation and empathy drives us to work in partnership with the people and communities in our markets, helping them to overcome these challenges.

Our approach

Our approach to community investment has two specific aims:

  1. To empower young people. Investing in educational programmes will form the foundation of this strategy. This could entail educational scholarships and aid, sponsoring of sports, arts and cultural events.
  2. To promote health awareness and general wellbeing. We recognise that parts of our communities are unable to access health services to treat both curable and non-curable illnesses. Our aim is to promote behavioural change through health education, a key component of prevention. By reducing illness, people are free to participate in economic activity which promotes and sustains local productivity and prosperity.

Our commitment

We are committed and driven to build and support our communities through investment, financial support and sponsorship. Our employees regularly make time in their busy lives to take part in community initiatives and projects. They are extremely proud to be actively engaged in such initiatives.

Our aim is to deliver products and services that focus on engaging the youth and building an inclusive society. Our community support and initiatives help build social networks and increase participation and cooperation within the community, in particular the families who represent these communities.

We recognise that social or economic exclusion prevents people from realising their potential. In this regard, the majority of our community initiatives and projects are directed towards long-term activities with a particular focus on health and education.

Our approach to economic growth is to ensure we tailor our products and services relevant to local markets. We are focusing on developing and introducing affordable handsets, offering access to the internet through mobile phones and access devices. We are constantly seeking ways to develop mobile applications that benefit the communities and environment.

Leveraging our telecommunication capabilities to provide access to services fundamental to any community will help address the challenges faced by people in our communities as well as contribute towards their development – unleashing their potential!