Expresso is determined and committed to reducing our environmental footprint by implementing best practices in the way we manage our business. Our processes, policies and procedures, products and services and our suppliers are all introduced and managed to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment.

Operating in Africa means that we are particularly mindful of the resources we consume. In particular, energy and water. We are constantly striving to reduce our energy consumption, always seeking to find alternative, sustainable means of energy.

It goes without saying that energy, water and waste management programmes are central to our environmental strategy.

Expresso identifies way in which our customers and businesses in all of our markets can use telecommunications products and services to reduce their own impact on the environment.

Our environmental strategy and framework for developing environment friendly policies has three specific aims:

  1. To reduce our operational impact that includes energy and water consumption, as well as our use of paper and air travel
  2. To engage with local governments and non-governmental organisations to develop and encourage community programmes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions; our employees are encouraged to actively get involved too
  3. To promote sustainable telecommunications networks by identifying environmental risks and opportunities in our industry; this also extends to the distribution of our products and services

We want our products and services to enable our customers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, realising that collectively we must work together in caring about our society and the impact we have on our environment.

CSR Overview


"Senegal’s operation has been committed to serving its community and elevating the education and health levels in Senegal"

Senegal’s operation has been actively involved in religious events such as supplying Qur'an books to mosques and distribution of water and prayer mats during numerous religious events.
In addition, several activities were undertaken during Ramadan, including give away of rice, sugar and more food supplies to mosques in Dakar and upcountry.

Moreover, active involvement in enhancing the education sector through providing support and supplying study materials to Haitian students.

Successful breast cancer awareness campaigns and free consultations in collaboration with LISCA – the Senegalese league against cancer


"Mauritania operation is actively involved in social activities serving the healthcare and education sectors"

Mauritania operation is focusing on the importance of education and in response it has launched two major projects;

- Creation of a university lab (for the university of Nouakchott) supported by desktops connected with broadband internet and dedicated library halls which will certainly improve the research techniques and create an atmosphere of efficient learning

- Distribution of 10 thousand school bags to student from 18 schools in different districts of Nouakchott

Moreover, continuous distribution of food baskets to the underprivileged in collaboration with ONG in Nouakchott & Nouadhibou cities.