Everything we do at Expresso is centred on business performance. To improve and continuously strive for sustainable growth, we want to have the most motivated, high performing individuals and teams across all of the markets in which we operate.

Our key people processes are simple, scalable and sustainable. We don’t want to over-complicate things. We simply want to make sure that our HR policies and processes are linked and aligned to our corporate strategy, ultimately delivering outstanding results.

Human Capital Roadmap

Our HR roadmap outlines our approach to building a sustainable business. To achieve this goal, we recognise that we must focus on employee engagement, a key driver of performance. We encourage our people to develop their skills and talent, making the best of how they work, live and contribute to the community.

If you’re interested in a career at Expresso, then please check our Careers section of the website. We’re often looking for highly talented people to join us.

Engagement – how are we expected to do things?

We believe that employee engagement is a force that drives business performance. Let’s be honest, quality products and services are unlikely to be produced without engaged and committed employees.

Our aim is to build a business based on loyal customers. In our view, this is the only way to build and sustain growth. We also recognise that the only way to achieve this outcome is to ensure that our people are fully engaged.

To reliably influence our corporate strategies, our people policies and processes are all designed to engage our employees. The right people in the right roles with the right managers will drive employee engagement and ultimately deliver business performance and sustainable growth.

Talent management – how do we attract and develop talent?

We want to attract and retain the best talent. During the recruitment process, we will focus on more than just your skills, knowledge and experience. We will really try and get to know you, understand your talent and key strengths. We want to know what makes you tick.

Our values are also a key part of our talent management process. We recognise that there are many ways of getting things done, but there are some things which we will never compromise on at Expresso. We will look for people who are committed and share the same values as us – responsive, transparent, inclusive, evolving and connecting.

These values matter to us because they are at the heart of our business and they continue to guide, inspire and enlighten our people. We understand the long-term consequences of our actions in the communities in which we operate, and we apply our judgment, integrity and personal ethics in everything we do.

We recognise the value of the contribution each individual can make. Our development plans focus on helping our people to learn and grow, enabling individuals to make a difference and teams to win.

When it comes to developing people, our approach is directed at finding and building your strengths. We are committed to helping you perform at your very best, giving you every chance to realise your potential.

Performance management – how are we doing?

We believe in creating value through our people. To drive business performance we recognise that we need to continue raising the bar and develop a high performance culture.

At Expresso, performance management will be about clearly identifying job objectives for all employees that are specific, identifiable, quantifiable and measurable.

This is not a once a year process. We recognise that great feedback and great conversations are effective ways to drive performance and develop people. We encourage regular feedback and here at Expresso we do it in a number of ways. Everyone at Expresso can expect weekly one-to-one conversations with their manager to discuss progress against their objectives, and it’s an opportunity to share feedback or to ask for some help.

In January, every employee is expected to set their objectives with their manager, clearly defining what they need to do to be successful in their role. In June and December every person will have a performance review and will receive detailed feedback on their performance in their role. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to discuss areas of development.

Total reward – how do we recognise and reward?

Our recognition and reward philosophy is fully aligned to our corporate strategy – to develop a high performance culture, focusing on driving business performance.

We recognise that our business performance and growth is a result of the hard work and exceptional performance of our people, and our reward policies and practices will recognise this contribution.

To put it simply, we will reward performance.