Getting more from the Expresso Telecom products and services will help you stay in touch with friends and family.

Connecting People

Expresso knows that you need to be connected to the people and things that matter to you the most. That is why we have developed services that enable our customers to stay in touch.Today, we connect you over a variety of different networks and services. Choose our great mobile service or our mobile broadband network to ensure you have fast access to your emails, social network or chat.

Mobile Internet

Our mobile internet solutions allow you to make the most of your social networks, connect you to the internet, allow you to get entertainment and the latest news wherever you are. You can chat, blog or poke wherever you are. Expresso offers a range of solutions varying from 3G mobile networks, through to WiMAX; whatever your need, Expresso has the service.

Using your phone abroad

To keep you in touch with your friends and family at home you can use your mobile abroad in many countries. Before you go, you will need to make sure your phone has been set-up to use abroad, so please check with your country.


Get more from Expresso personalising your service. We can help you to set-up calling tunes, ringtones, prayer times and much more so that you can get the most from your service.

Digital Services

Providing mobile financial services which allows peer to peer money transfer, bill payments, savings & international remittances.In addition to value added services such as music, sports & OTT aggregators.
“ We are focused on diversifying our portfolio through digital initiatives, we believe that digital based services wil yield great value for our shareholders in the long term & bring the future closer to our African customers.